To register for the HST:

-Got to
2Under 4. Click “Register Now”
-Enter your SIN, follow the prompts to enter your contact information
-Click “I need a business number” & “Business – Sole Proprietorship”
-Follow more prompts for contact information
-Legal Name = your name, Operating Name = only if you registered a business name, if not, leave blank
-Follow more prompts for contact information
-Fill out major business activity
-An HST number will be issued on the spot

Note the date of registration – this will be required for your 1st HST filing (after this year the filing will follow a calendar year).

Note your HST number on your invoices.

Separate out your invoice billings as: 

Start collecting HST on all earnings as of this date.

Keep collected HST aside as you will need to remit it to CRA at tax time.

As an HST registrant you can collect back the HST you paid in your business expenses. At tax time total your expenses in their categories but separate out the HST as follows:

EXPENSE TOTAL: this total not entered on filings

HST IN THE EXPENSE: this total entered on HST remittance, to claim back HST in expenses against the HST collected from fees collected

EXPENSE TOTAL MINUS THE HST: this total entered on the tax return as a business deduction

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